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2 years ago

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I am a working professional, who married a stunning beauty of Indian origin two years ago. My wife is very beautiful complexion clear and bright Apple tan, tall and slim body beautiful. Since our wedding we had to do a pretty average sex life with my conjugal rights to half of my heavy work schedule. I knew from the beginning that they are so demanding in bed and sex addict. Sometimes I wondered if ever your sexual encounter though. in our early days of marriage, she was lonely housewife. I could not find your desired object, their working conditions to survive the boredom. With the influence of my cousin Marlon, who works as a flight attendant on a Budget - liners, found a job on the same airline as a flight attendant. She was more than happy, and I noticed her look cheerful spankbang and happy forever. Your job requires the wings of the countries spankbang of the region. I always wondered in his new job, became jubilant and sometimes she would say, by chance, orn most cases flew together and even spent the night in the hotel. While these talks little, I imagined seeing my cousin fucking my beautiful wife in great detail. I also felt my wife 's pussy, while these talks. In order to arouse my suspicions, I accidentally spankbang found a card used birth control pills in her purse. I had become like that. I n what was more than convinced that Apple is crap Marlon safely. I wanted to see me impatient, as they fuck. in the last x -mas party, Marlon came to us with another fellow named Taruka, a very nice people also visit the flight attendants. My wife was animated and talking with them closely. The first night we had a dip in the pool in a small nearby hotel and sat down to drink. We continue our drinking until the wee hours spankbang of the night, and I was very, very drunk. I quickly passed out on spankbang the same couch. I suddenly awoke in the early days of rest. quicklyApple was looking for and my instincts, not what something wrong. in a sudden impulse, I went into the visitors lit room it was dark at that time. Oh! I had the surprise of my life. Sleeping completely naked and was caught between equally naked and Marlon Taruka Apple. It was a treacherous show because it was seen for a while. Suddenly I wanted to masturbate. I just mourn in my bed when I heard Apple weak with lust. I slipped into my beloved wife only fucks Taruka their brains spankbang to find out. My cousin was not there to see and understand, that was in the bathroom. Taruka took her on each stroke, until he sent his load of cum in pussy. By contrast, while Marlon left the bathroom with a towel. To my surprise, he immediately went into action. He licked his sperm into her pussy oozing Taruka to take her to another orgasm. He showed he was ready for more action with its 8 " cock. The language of the body that wanted to take the ass, but she refused. Ths, which started fucking her with enthusiasm. At that time Taruka was ready, but the others for a mission. It came from behind and started finger fucking Marlon ass. A moment later Taruka spankbang spankbang some lotion on her ass and began their long dick inWhat a sight it was my cousin 's ass when he was fucking my wife's favorite. My wife and my cousin were tears of joy happiness. They pulled out their cocks and send their stocks hardened in their bodies. Until then, I do not want a dog that my wife and my cousin was bi. Later they learned that Apple had nearly half of the pilots and crew members fucked and Marlon are used to organize meetings for spankbang them and was able to be the ass again. I'm going blind in one eye only.

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